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These obsessions are frequent, unwanted and difficult to control or get rid of.

Commonly individuals with OCD have multiple obsessions, although one or two are the more dominant.

Here is a general list amongst many others, of intrusive thoughts.

  • Impulse to hurt or harm someone.
  • Impulse to say something nasty and damning to someone.
  • Thought of causing harm to, or the death of, close friend or family member.
  • Thought of acts of violence in sex.
  • Impulse to crash car, when driving.
  • Thought “why should they do that? They shouldn’t do that,” in relation to people “misbehaving.”
  • Impulse to attack or strangle cats or kittens.
  • Thought “I wish he/she were dead, with reference to persons close and dear.
  • Thought of harming partner with physical violence.
  • Impulse to attack or violently punish someone, for example, to throw a child out of a bus.
  • Impulse to engage in certain sexual practices that involve pain to the partner.
  • Thought” Did I commit this crime?” When reading reports of crime.
  • Thought that you might go berserk all of a sudden.
  • Thought wishing and imagining that someone close to you was hurt or harmed.
  • Impulse to violently attack and kill a dog that you love.
  • Impulse to attack or harm someone, especially your own child, with bat, knife, or heavy object.
  • Thought of unnatural sex acts.
  • Thought of hurting someone by doing something nasty, not physical violence. ” Would I or would I not do it?”
  • Impulse to be rude and say something nasty to people.
  • Thoughts of putting obscene words in print.
  • Mental image of stabbing a passer-by.
  • Mental image of stripping in church.

Some general Common obsessions in OCD

Excessive concern with exactness, order or symmetry.

  • Obsessions with the body or physical symptoms.
  • Religious, sacrilegious or blasphemous thought.
  • Sexual thoughts/images e.g. being a homosexual.
  • Thoughts or images of violence or aggression ( e.g. hurting your baby)

Reading material suggestion of being one of the best books on the market: Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder By David Veale & Rob Willson